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Cybersecurity: What Small Business Owners Need to Know


Cybersecurity is becoming a prolific problem as the digital world continues to grow.  Because more and more small business are experiencing a digital transformation and moving online—or existing solely online, protecting your business and customer information from online hackers is a necessary precaution. Cybersecurity starts with you, the small business owner, and the employees who work for you.

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The Changing B2B Buyer Journey: Removing Friction from the Sales Process


It’s no secret that the business-to-business or B2B buyer journey is quite different from the business-to-consumer or B2C journey. One common truth that both B2B and B2C businesses share, however, is the need to know their customers and engage with them in the right ways throughout the entire sales process.

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Understanding the New Tax Environment for Small Businesses


Intended to drive economic growth by adjusting certain tax structures for businesses, the new law is already impacting the way small businesses operate now and how they might operate in the future. Let’s explore a few of the main effects.The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA),

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What is Social Selling, and How Can it Help Increase Sales



By now, you’ve probably heard about social selling in some fashion. But you, like a lot of B2B and B2C business owners and sales professionals, may not be all too sure what it exactly means. And no: social selling is not the same as social media marketing, nor is it just another industry buzzword.

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Must have CRM Features for Small Businesses



This list is a must read if you are a business owner and you have decided that it is time to look into a better way to manage customer and prospect relationships. Don't let opportunities fall through the cracks. 
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4 Benefits of Using a CRM for Small Businesses


How can your business benefit from using a CRM?

There are many things a CRM can do that should get marketers, salespeople, or business owners pretty excited! Here’s how a CRM can make you a more effective marketing and sales machine...

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Always Start at 5 Stars

5, 4, 3, 2, or 1 Star -Etiquette for leaving reviews and guidance for using them in purchase decisions.


Review, Reviews, Reviews! Just about everyone you do business with is asking for a review these days but are you familiar with the basic etiquette of giving reviews? Reviews are wildly popular tools for consumers, marketers, and businesses of all kinds, but reviews are subjective.

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Small Business Guide to CRM


“Customer relationship management” or CRM can sound intimidating to small- and mid-sized businesses. After all, if your company only has a handful of customers, why do you need a dedicated process or system to keep track of them? A few spreadsheets and rules of thumb will do just fine.

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7 Must Have Apps for Small Business Owners


These apps will save you time, make you smarter and more efficient. Ok, here goes! Our seven latest favorite apps for small business owners. Well, anybody really...Links are at the bottom. 
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