New Email Authentication Requirements from Google and Microsoft




Starting in February 2024, Google and Yahoo began to require email authentication for all bulk email senders. Not properly authenticated emails will be automatically blocked or directed to spam. Learn more in this post.

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Marketers Can Expect to See Higher Bounce Rates this Holiday Season




The Google email account purge day has finally arrived! Hopefully, you have already caught wind of Google's recent announcement regarding their updated policy for inactive accounts.

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How to Overcome Marketing Conversion Fatigue



Have you ever changed a TV channel because you’ve watched an ad more times than you can remember? Or switched off your radio because you’re tired of hearing a certain commercial?


That’s marketing fatigue! And it doesn't help conversion rates.

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The Pitfalls of Managing your own Google Ads Account


Business owners of every size might be losing out on sales if they aren’t using GoogleAds. According to Business Insider, an estimated 4 million advertisers are using Google Ads. Chances are some of them are your competitors. As an advertiser, you can reach far more users in their search journey by using Google Ads. Many users get an offer from Google for a free ad credit.

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Ballyhoo Marketing Welcomes New Intern


Ballyhoo Marketing Advantage (Ballyhoo) recently added a new addition to its team with Brianna Allenstein, a senior at Ohio State University studying Journalism. Bri has joined as an intern and was first attracted to the company after seeing how it seeks to work directly with small businesses to implement Inbound Marketing to further their growth and propel them to the next level in the digital age.

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Why Small Businesses Need a Mission Statement


In browsing the internet, you’ve likely come across some version of “Our Mission” on the websites of various companies. This is the company’s mission statement, and in its simplest and best form it declares a company’s purpose. Ideally, a good mission statement includes a description of what a company is, what it does, and what its objectives are.

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Why Online Reviews Matter So Much to the Success of Small Businesses



It’s easier than ever for a soon-to-be customer to research your business, thanks to the internet. A big chunk of that investigation is spent scouring online reviews, bouncing back and forth between sites like Yelp and Google Reviews for references.

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Must have CRM Features for Small Businesses



This list is a must read if you are a business owner and you have decided that it is time to look into a better way to manage customer and prospect relationships. Don't let opportunities fall through the cracks. 
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4 Benefits of Using a CRM for Small Businesses


How can your business benefit from using a CRM?

There are many things a CRM can do that should get marketers, salespeople, or business owners pretty excited! Here’s how a CRM can make you a more effective marketing and sales machine...

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Always Start at 5 Stars

5, 4, 3, 2, or 1 Star -Etiquette for leaving reviews and guidance for using them in purchase decisions.


Review, Reviews, Reviews! Just about everyone you do business with is asking for a review these days but are you familiar with the basic etiquette of giving reviews? Reviews are wildly popular tools for consumers, marketers, and businesses of all kinds, but reviews are subjective.

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