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[n. bal-ee-hoo; v. bal-ee-hoo]

a clamorous and vigorous attempt to win customers or advance any cause


How Do Your Clients & Customers Use Reviews? How much of your business is going to a competitor because of reviews?


  • 95% Search for local businesses online

  • 91% Read online reviews about local business

  • Most consumers look at 2+ review sites before making a decision

  • 84% people trust online reviews as much as a personal  recommendation

  • 73% of consumers think that reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant

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Key Factors In Reviews:

  • Average Star Rating
  • Total Number of Reviews (or total lack)
  • Review Frequency
  • Review Frequency and Age
  • Average Ratings Across Multiple Sites
  • How a Business Responds to Negative Reviews
  • Sentiment of The Reviews

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Ballyhoo Marketing Advantage provides a fully customized, cost-effective strategy for your small business to help you get noticed with websites, reputation management, blogging, search engine optimization, social media campaigns, content marketing, Google Adwords, email marketing, marketing automation, print media, and more.  We offer flexible packages and pricing to fit your small business needs.

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