How to get new customers for your small business.

Ballyhoo Marketing Team
How to get new customers for your small business.


So, you took the plunge and started your very own small business. You have filed all the necessary documents, set up tax collection, created a small business entity to protect your personal assets, found a location, and maybe even hired a few employees. Now you need customers and lots of them. Perhaps you have joined your local chamber of commerce, taken out a few print ads, and printed up some postcards, but you're still not getting the volume of customers that you had envisioned.  Maybe you don’t have a web presence, or you do, but no one can find it.


Having a web presence and getting found are both critical, as an impressive 72% of all people who performed a local search ended up frequenting a store that was within five miles of them. Does your business have a social media presence on more than one channel? According to Statista, 70% of U.S. residents use at least one social networking site, and more than 50% use two or more. And speaking of social media use, 90% of Millennials now use social media, while 35% of people over 65 do


So, while having a website is important and a good start, getting found online is even more important, as is interacting with your customers or potential customers where they can be found engaging online. Search Engine Optimization will help consumers find you online, and active social profiles will help you engage with them where they spend their time online.


Getting customers isn’t always easy (unless you are Starbucks), but getting help is. Ballyhoo Marketing Advantage can review your current marketing strategy and make recommendations on how to get started on acquiring new customers and keeping your relationship strong with existing customers.  We offer affordable marketing consulting services for small businesses. Check out some of our services here.



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