Why Should Small Businesses Blog?

Ballyhoo Marketing Team
Why Should Small Businesses Blog


Blogging can seem like a daunting and time consuming task for small businesses, but as discussed in a previous post, it can help drive traffic to your website and bring customers through your front door.  How does this work? When customers have a need or a problem they want to to solve, they often turn to the internet, whether it be to find out more about a product or service, or find out where they can get that product or service. If your business does not have an internet presence, those customers may never find you, but they might find your competitor. 


How can a small business start blogging? What if we don't even have a website? What will I write?


These are some of the first questions that come to mind for small businesses who haven't had the time or inclination to start blogging.  So let's start with the first one. 


How can a business start blogging?

First you and your team should come up with a list of topics that are important to your customers. That's your audience. If your business is a dog sitting service, some topics that might be important include: how to find a good dog sitter, how long can my dog be left alone, or how much does a dog sitter cost? You could also blog about other issues that are important to your audience such as dog nutrition, training, or grooming. These are all topics that are important your intended audience, your customer.


After you have a list of topics, you or your team should research them and write a short blog post about it. You can use the internet or engage a professional for your research. Real statisitics are always nice to include and enhance your credibility. 

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